IoT: a cutting-edge technology


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that includes smart devices such as sensors, actuators and network devices able to communicate with each other and with external systems. This technology is developing rapidly and the use of IoT is increasing in many industries to improve efficiency, safety and quality of services.

IoT technology and competitive advantage for businesses

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important in industry and commerce. Allowing to collect and analyze data in real time to improve production, logistics, and resource management is a key utility. Consequently, companies using this technology benefit from a competitive advantage.

Competition among companies is becoming increasingly fierce, and to stand out, it essential to have high-quality, low-cost production. Meaning that, increasing the amount of production per unit time is a good solution.

The main goal is to achieve the best balance between operating costs and revenues, as reducing costs per unit of production is one of the key factors to consider in any competitive market. In this context, cost reduction studies of operating activities, purchasing, production and marketing costs are gaining more and more importance.

IoT technology: reducing operational costs

The good news is that technology offers many opportunities to reduce operating costs, particularly in transportation, between departments and between processing points. Using new technologies for dedicated material handling transport equipment (for instance forklifts) can make the process more efficient and faster.  In fact, the responsiveness of forklifts in lifting and transporting loads, as well as the versatility in their use, are gradually increasing.

Moreover, the development of technology has created new opportunities and new businesses in all sectors, whether in the production, storage or shipment of raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. In these cases, the use of lifting and transporting machines, conscious and responsible labor, are preferable when combined with high-level technology.

IoT technology: evolution and security to support specialized workforce.

The rise of transport lifting machines and the use of IoT increases positive contributions to the workforce as they facilitate all industrial and commercial activities, including production in various lines of business, temporary storage, main warehouses and shipping stages.

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In the last decade, forklifts have evolved and the most widely used technologies ensure that loads are moved more easily, quickly and safely than more traditional means of transportation.

IoT allows companies a remote control of their devices and equipment.  Problems can be identified and fixed before they can cause disruptions in production. In addition, IoT enables companies to optimize resource utilization, for example, by using sensors to monitor the load level of forklifts and schedule maintenance operations.

Internet-connected forklifts

An example of how IoT can be used to improve production are Internet-connected forklifts. These trucks are equipped with sensors that collect data (location, speed, load level and other information).The data collected can be used to optimize the use of the trucks. For example, by scheduling load movements more efficiently.

On top of that, the use of Internet-connected forklifts enables companies to monitor and manage their assets more efficiently.  Notifications are sent in case of problems or malfunctions, allowing companies to act rapidly and prevent any disruptions in production.

In conclusion, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the use of Internet-connected forklifts are some of the Best Practices that companies can implement to increase the amount of production per unit of time, reduce operating costs, improve competitive conditions, and make handling operations safer. Using these technologies enables companies to collect and analyze data in real time to optimize production, logistics and resource management.

Tamarri has always been committed to security within companies. For Tamarri, security is smart! 🔝

Slowing down the forklift in specific areas

Forklift slowdown. The safety of vehicles inside warehouses and production areas is a fundamental issue that requires increasingly safe and technological devices. Tamarri has always been at the forefront of research and distribution of the best solutions in this area.

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Forklift slowdown: a safety issue

Safety within warehouses and production areas in general is an important issue. The one of forklift slowdown in specific and sensitive area represents a topic of particular interest.

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Workplace safety laws are increasingly specific and stringent, as are regulations. Warehouses, even though highly automated, must account for many unexpected variables. For instance, pedestrian movements within specific maneuvering areas, “blind” aisles in which vehicles maneuver.

Thus, increasingly high-tech, high-level devices and solutions come into play, managed and controlled remotely through websites, cell phones and tablets.

On this fundamental aspect Tamarri wanted to contribute.

Read how! 😉

Tamarri and the slowdown in zone and area

Tamarri S.r.l. created the forklift slowdown device combining high-tech sensors and transmitters. But let’s see how.

What it does

With the combination of different sensors and transmitters from the STS range, it is possible to slow down the forklift in medium and large areas, such as production areas, corridors and warehouses with high pedestrian density, or in specific areas, such as pedestrian crossings, intersections and offices.

Let us now analyze the devices used within the STS ecosystem.

Devices used and technical data of individual components

STS90A forklift device 12-24V

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THE FORKLIFT DEVICE, is the central hub of the system, used to collect signals, data and system parameterization.  It features 2 on-board relays to access control, speed reduction and shock sensor.

Wall-applied powered transmitters

These transmitters allow to automate the slowing down and restart of the vehicle speed in specific areas

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• STS95 area limitation transmitter
• STS94 function reset transmitter
• STS99 area limitation transmitter

They are equipped with a rechargeable buffer battery LIR2450 to cover blackout periods, for which external power supply is required (these are recommended devices).

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Battery-powered transmitters applied on the wall:

– STS95P area limitation transmitter

– STS94P function reset transmitter

– STS99P area limitation transmitter

Those devices are simpler to apply but they require periodic maintenance (CR2450 3.6V battery replacement every 6/8 months).

STS95 and STS95P zone limitation transmitters are normally used to manage access gates in dangerous areas. When the STS90A forklift device enters the sensor “bubble,” relay k2 closes, the device light turns orange from green, and the speed is reduced. The state of the relay remains as such, even when leaving the sensor intercept zone or if the vehicle is turned off and on again.

Function restoration transmitters STS94 and STS94P, represent the antagonists of the slowdown transmitters. When the forklift enters the sensor “bubble,” relay k2 reopens and the device light turns green again, restoring the medium’s standard speed.

The STS99 and STS99P area limitation transmitters are used to limit the speed of vehicles in restricted areas, pedestrian crossings, rest areas, intersections and offices. When the STS90A forklift device enters the sensor area, relay k2 closes, the device light turns red, and the speed of the vehicle is restricted.

After a certain amount of time (expressed in seconds) from the time the vehicle exits the sensor “bubble,” relay k2 reopens, the device light turns green again, and the standard speed of the vehicle is restored. This time-gap can be set in the SafeTApp.

General usage and installation

The STS90A device is meant to be installed on the forklift roof. Both access control and shock control can be activated, although the specific function of lift limitation does not require them.


immagine 4

Application examples of STS94-STS95 sensors for zone slowdown.

immagine 7

titolo 8

immagine 9

Application examples of STS99 sensors for in-area slowdown.

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Complete control thanks to the SafeTApp

Thanks to the cloud-based STS platform, all STS series devices and transmitters can be managed in our free Android app. With a simple cell phone or tablet, it is then possible to manage all device parameters: vehicle slowdown in area, anti-collision, pedestrian, door opener, traffic light signals, and much more!

Distances, times, and all parameterizations of individual devices can be easily set in the SafeTApp.

All devices and transmitters of the STS series, as well as the systems made with them, are NOT to be considered PPE (INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION DEVICES) and are NOT a substitute for such devices with which the user must be provided according to legal provisions. They do, however, represent a valuable safety commodity in all areas.

The sale of STS systems is reserved only for specialized workshops in the sector.

Tamarri S.r.l. continues its concrete commitment to safety at work. In collaboration with DOT-net, Tamarri has developed a system that, along with several other features, also has that of slowing down in the area! Find out more on the dedicated page of the STS Platform.

For Tamarri, security is smart!

Tamarri’s commitment to security within companies is clear. In this article, we decided to dedicate our usual appointment with readers to special onboard safety systems: cameras and bumpers. Thanks to our wide selection of onboard safety accessories for forklifts and automatic machines, we are able to guarantee the widest market coverage.

Watch the video about our safety systems 🙂

Why install a camera on the forklift?

Almost all warehouses and industrial maneuvering areas are considered to be the stage of speed, dynamism and productivity. Safety in the day-to-day maneuvering of equipment and personnel is therefore ESSENTIAL.

Camera systems are designed to increase the performance and safety in maneuvering forklifts and industrial vehicles.

Ease of maneuvering in trucks and speed makes these devices essential in order to complement and optimize safety in the working environment.

A wide range of cameras, from wide-focus cameras installed for safe and reliable reversing, to front fork cameras to minimize impacts during pallet loading and unloading maneuvers.

An extremely valuable support, easy to install thanks to the WiFi communication of video signals, visible on the large onboard monitor.

Magnetic bumpers


Our bumpers are resistant to aging and perfectly visible.

Available in various sizes, they find countless applications. They can be applied to a wide variety of  surfaces thanks to their practical fixing holes already prepared at the origin or by means of powerful magnets.

With our SS141 bumper kits, replacing a no longer suitable bumper for preventing, limiting or cushioning the damage of a collision becomes simple and economical. It can also be combined with the TA36216 integrated sensor system.

Assisted parking systems are among the most popular aftermarket accessories in the automotive and material handling markets. However, installation is often complex and tedious. Thanks to our TA36216 “do-it-yourself kit”, installation is quick and easy. The robust and reliable control unit can be conveniently installed anywhere on the vehicle.

With Tamarri, safety is not an option! 👌

Lettera di Natale

As the years go by, it’s necessary to end the year with an open letter to all the people that helped us to achieve what we sometimes believed to be impossible.

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Those have been complicated days, weeks and years. Complicated, as we are used to be present, close and ready, therefore this uncertainty that everyone has faced was something new for us.

It’s not the first time we face difficulties, and we know how to fight, overcome obstacles and solve problems, even the most challenging ones.

However, the spreading pandemic situation in which we found ourselves was abnormal, unpredictable and we perceived it as highly threatening. In some moments we felt lost and a bit frightened, but we never lost sight of our vocation for work and innovation, even in that dark time.

We are among the lucky ones that during this hard time never stopped. We continued to work and develop constantly in the name of technology and professionalism in order to provide our customers with the best quality and service.

Nevertheless, none of the above could have been possible without a solid and irreplaceable help. We are addressing the industrial world, the warehouse and logistic sector. The world that allowed all of us to receive on time everything we needed, from the essential spare part e to work, to the food on our tables.

They are the same that, now that Christmas is approaching, deliver us the certainty to have food to put on our Christmas tables, the presents under the tree and the warehouses always supplied! 😉


To them and to all our customers that never stop trusting our knowledge and expertise goes all our gratitude.

🎁 Merry Christmas to all of you from Tamarri s.r.l, a Christmas full of that serenity we all deserve! 🎄