Security Systems

In recent years we have specialized in the sale and application of safety systems for forklifts: from a wide range of devices for visual and audible signalling, to on board safety systems such as bumpers, rear-view mirrors, safety belts and emergency buttons; moving on from the security systems to an aspect related more to maintenance and control of the vehicle, which is very often neglected in companies: we are referring to the hydraulic chain cutter of our own production and the rigorous gauges for measuring the wear and tear of time. This results in maximum safety during the delicate moment of replacing the chains.

If you are looking for spare parts for the safety aspect of your warehouse and your vehicle, made to guarantee resistance over time, of excellent quality and delivered in a very short time (24/48 hours), you are in the right section!

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We have the best products on the market: tested, safe and carrying an EC mark, to guarantee our customers the highest standard of quality in the industry.

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