General conditions

General conditions

Welcome to the website “” (hereinafter “website”). Please carefully read the “General Terms of Use” of the website that govern the use of the online service on behalf of the user.

By accessing the website, visiting or using it, the user acknowledges to have read, understood, and expressly accepted all the terms and conditions of use of the site itself. The acceptance of the General Terms of Use is a necessary condition for the use of the service.

The website is controlled and managed by the company “Tamarri S.p.a.”. Any complaints concerning or relating to the use of the website and the material contained therein are governed by the laws in force in Italy. The user who chooses to access the website from a different place does so at his own discretion by committing himself to comply with the applicable law in his territory.

Content, property, and limitations of the use of the Website

Unless otherwise indicated, all information contained in this website including images, illustrations, graphics, photographs, videos, texts, icons, drawings and written material and any other material contained on the website (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Contents”) are copyrights, trademarks, distinctive marks or other intellectual property rights owned, controlled or authorised by “Tamarri S.p.a.” or belong to their respective owners and are protected by copyright law. The name and logo “Tamarri” are trademarks of “Tamarri S.p.a.”. The collection and placement of the contents of the website are copyrighted works protected separately and are the exclusive property of “Tamarri S.p.a.”. The user is not authorised to use trademarks or service marks related to any of the website content.

By accessing the website, the user is not authorised to use any name, logo, trade or service mark. To view, download, and print in paper format other contents of  the website only for purposes related to the use of the site itself is authorised. Copying, reproduction, distribution, publication, downloading, viewing, sending by electronic or mechanical means, transmission, registration, duplication, photocopy or reproduction in any form of contents without prior written authorisation by “Tamarri Spa” or their respective owners is prohibited.

The permission granted in this agreement is automatically revoked in the event of violation of these General Terms of Use of the website. Any other use of the website contents including reproduction for purposes other than the aforesaid and any form of reproduction, modification, distribution, or publication may violate copyright or trademark rules and are strictly prohibited without prior written permission of “Tamarri S.p.a.”. “Tamarri S.p.a.” expressly reserves all intellectual property rights not expressly provided in these General Terms of Use.

Links to other Websites

The website provides links to other websites for convenience of the user only. “Tamarri S.p.a.” is not responsible for the content of these sites nor may make any declarations regarding the content or accuracy of the material therein. The user who connects to third-party websites does so at their own risk.

Website security

It is strictly forbidden to violate or attempt to violate website security functions, such as (1) accessing data not intended for the user or by connecting to servers or accounts to which the user is not authorised to access; (2) attempting to probe, examine, or test the vulnerability of a system or network, or to violate security or authentication measures, unless expressly authorised in writing to the user by the company; (3) attempting to interfere with the service offered to users, host computers or networks, such as spreading viruses on the website, overloading the system, sending massive amounts of data, distributing unsolicited “spam” advertisements and emails, chain letters or causing a stoppage; (4) sending unsolicited emails, sending promotional material and / or advertising of products or services; (5) counterfeiting the TCP / IP or any other part of the information contained in the email header or newsgroup sent.

Violations of the system or network security are accountable for criminal or civil liability. We will investigate possible cases of violation involving, in the event, the judicial authorities and cooperating with them in order to prosecute the perpetrators of such violations. By using the website, the user agrees to abide to abstain from the use of any device, software, or routine in order to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the website or any activity carried out on the site itself. The user also agrees not to use or attempt to use any engine, software, tool, agent, or other device or mechanism (including browser, spider, robot, avatar or smart agent) other than the search engine and the search agents available on the site itself and other than commonly used web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Explorer, to visit the website, or perform searches.

Absence of guarantees

The online service and content of the website are provided “as I am”. “Tamarri S.p.a.” makes no representations or warranties of any kind, explicit and / or implied, including warranties or conditions of law or eligibility for any special purpose or non-infringement with respect to the site or its operation or content.
While the content is accurate, complete and up to date, “Tamarri S.p.a.” does not provide any statement or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and the update of the information accessible from the website.
Some information on this website may cover future events. We would like to warn the user that such statements are only previsions and that actual events may differ.

Limitation of Liability

“Tamarri Spa” or its employees, directors, officials, agents, suppliers or external service providers shall in no way be held liable toward the user or third parties for any specific damages, indirect, exemplary or any other nature, including the impossibility of using the service, damages resulting from actions caused by the mere responsibility or negligence of the user or other damaging actions arising from or related to the use, inability to use, reproduction or visualisation of the contents present on this website.

Information provided by the user

The user agrees that any material, information and idea transmitted to the website or otherwise provided to “Tamarri S.p.a.” (“Transmitted Material”) will become and will remain the property of “Tamarri S.p.a.”. With this agreement, the user grants “Tamarri S.p.a.” all of their rights to the submitted material, including any copyright, without any limit of time or place, free of charge, for any present or future use, in all languages.

In addition, the user agrees and acknowledges that they are prohibited from sending or transmitting from or to the website any illegal, mined, offensive, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic or obscene material or any other material that is liable to civil or criminal liability pursuant to the law. The user assumes all responsibility for the content of his / her comments.

Changes in Terms of Use

“Tamarri S.p.a.” reserves the right to change the Terms of Use by updating this document without prior notice. The user agrees that if a part of these Terms of Use is inapplicable, the remaining part of the Conditions will remain fully valid and applicable while the inapplicable part will be amended to make it as applicable and in compliance as possible in pursuant to the law. By using the website, the user agrees to be bound by any such changes and to have to periodically consult this online document to read the current Terms of Use.


“Tamarri S.p.a.” commonly uses “Cookies”. A cookie is a small amount of data sent from the website and stored on the user’s hard disk through the browser. Cookies contain user information that allows the website to track some data and personalise the online service to improve navigation. It is possible to configure your browser to refuse cookies or receive a warning when a cookie is sent to your computer.

Log file

Like many other companies, “Tamarri S.p.a.” collects technical information from the user’s computer every time they visit a website page. This information communicates to “Tamarri S.p.a.” the user’s IP address (Internet Protocol), the type of browser used, the address of any linked websites and other technical information. Occasionally, “Tamarri S.p.a.” collects and analyses this data without, however, selling or providing the information to third parties for remuneration.

Links to external web sites

Please note that by clicking on links to external websites, the user will be required to comply with the privacy policies adopted by these sites and no more those of “Tamarri S.p.a.”. We strongly encourage the user to read the privacy policies of these sites to understand if they differ from those adopted on our website.