GeoTS – localization system

Welcome to the page dedicated to GeoTS, the innovative GPS system, which allows you to identify, check and monitor in real time an entire fleet of vehicles in a comfortable and safe way, through a cloud platform.

Designed for the monitoring of rental vehicles, it is well received by companies who own an extensive fleet of vehicles, which are geographically located and wish to monitor them.

If you are already registered, enter the dedicated GeoTS website


What does GeoTS allow?

  • To access the position of all vehicles as well as the details of their activities directly from the main menu of the web portal all reported on the up to date Google maps.
  • To receive immediate notifications in case events occur that require an intervention: a collision, the improper use of a vehicle, a technical problem.
  • To receive alerts if a vehicle leaves a previously set working route.
  • To view vehicle locations and any stops made.
  • To switch off the vehicle via text message.

Thanks to the GeoTS subscription in the cloud, the data traffic and the management of these on the server accessible from the web are included in a convenient and transparent tariff plan that can be perfectly adjusted according to different needs.

GeoTS and SafeTS, perfectly integrated between them, represent the most complete and safe platform for the control and management of a fleet of vehicles of any size and in any place in which they are found.