We firmly believe that in this specific historical moment what really makes the difference is collaboration. In a hyper-connected and constantly “always on” world, it is crucial to create a robust and reliable collaborative network.

By partnering with companies that represent excellence in their respective areas, we are able to provide always more innovative, modern and reliable services and products. A widespread sales network and accurate and timely assistance.


Comer Industries is an international leader in the design and manufacture of advanced engineering systems and mechatronics solutions for power transmission, destined for the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery and industry.

Safim has been producing hydraulic brakes for industrial vehicles since 1977. Today SAFIM is a company that is flexible, very attentive to the quality of its product and focuses on the study of specific solutions for every requirement.

KNOTT . began in 1982 as a subsidiary in Italy of KNOTT GmbH, an important company in the sector of design and construction of braking systems active in our country since 1976.

Sycarr ., founded in 1980, is an Italian company dealing with the trade of used forklifts.