SMARTPASS – Drive vehicle with your badge!

Welcome to the page dedicated to SMARPASS©, the system which allows you to permit allows you to enable a vehicle with the simple use of the badge already in use in the company! Designed to adapt to any industrial vehicle, from forklift to agricultural and earth-moving vehicles, SMARTPASS is very simple to install and manage. Built to withstand industrial environments, SMARTPASS has never been easier to access and control!

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The practicality of the badge, the reliability of an RFID

The SMART PASS is offered in two versions, Basic and Plus to meet every demand. Thanks to the “start and go” technology, SMARTPASS ­allows access to vehicles through the recognition of the personal badge already in use in the company! Simply swipe the badge close SPEED READER to enable the vehicle.


The Plus version allows the recording of events (successful and denied access), with relative times and dates of use. Event logs can be stored in practical USB KEY.


SPEED READER: It is the core system. It is able to recognize the most ­common corporate badges*. Materials guarantee ruggedness and wear resistance.

SMART TAG: Allows the driver to be enabled by recognizing the RFID, in case the personal ­badge is not adopted. Provided with first SPEED READER.

MASTER BADGE WRITER E DELETER: The supplied badges to independently insert and remove ­drivers. Provided with first SPEED READER.

USB KEY: The practical USB key to insert or remove the drivers in a massive way and store the logs. Provided with first SPEED READER.

How it works

Bringing the enabled badge close to the SPEED READER, the closure of a control relay is determined. The driver, by now, can use the vehicle until a human presence signal is detected through the sensors of micro seat or drive steering. In the absence of micro seat or drive steering, the vehicle movement is detected by the internal accelerometer, in the absence of that, the device actives the internal timer and disables the vehicle.

Caratteristiche Tecniche/Technical features
Alimentazione: multi tensione/Power supply: 12-110V dc
Temperatura di esercizio/Operating temperature: -20°C +40°C
Potenza massima assorbita/Maximum power input: max 4w
Grado di protezione IP/IP protection class: IP65
Dimensioni/Dimensions: 135x65x30 mm
Tag compatibili/Compatibles tags: ISO/IEC14443 tipo A &B