Discovering forklifts and earthmoving vehicles: curiosities and secrets to reveal

 Forklifts and earthmoving vehicles are fundamental machines in the industrial and construction sectors. In this article, we will explore some curiosities abaout this fascinating world!


Discovering forklifts and earthmoving vehicles: not everyone knows that…

Even if they are often considered simple machines for lifting weights or moving materials, thy hide many interesting curiosities and secrets that are worth discovering.

Discovering Forklifts and Earth Moving Vehicles: antique forklifts

Although modern forklifts are equipped with advanced technologies, the history of these machines dates back several decades ago. Did you know that the first prototypes of forklifts appeared in the 15th century? That’s right: they were used to lift heavy materials during building construction.

However, the modern forklift concept was only developed during the 20th century.

Discovering forklifts and earthmoving vehicles: “Telescopic” forklifts

There are different types of machines of this type, but which are the most useful and which are the most extraordinary? Find out by reading our article! 😉

Discovering forklifts and earthmoving vehicles: the “All-rounder” forklifts

Many modern forklifts are designed to be adapted for all situations. These versatile vehicles can be equipped with various accessories and interchangeable equipment, such as forks for lifting loads, clamps for handling metal coils or containers, work platforms to work at high levels above the ground and much more.

carrello elevatore tutto fare

This feature makes forklifts extremely adaptable to a wide range of tasks and turns them into indispensable tools in many industries.

Discovering Forklifts and Earth-moving Vehicles: “Stunning” earth-moving vehicles

Speaking of earthmoving equipment, there are some machines that deserve special mention for their dimensions and power. For example, the “Bagger 288” is the largest excavator in the world. With a length of 240 meters and a height of 96 meters, it is capable of moving enormous amounts of earth in a short time. Another notable machine is the “Liebherr T 282B”, one of the largest mining trucks ever built, which can carry loads of up to 363 tons. These earthmoving machines are astonishing in their engineering and their ability to handle large tasks

 Electric forklifts

In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of electric forklifts. These vehicles run on electric batteries rather than traditional fuels, reducing harmful gas emissions and noise.

carrello elevatore elettrico

Electric forklifts are also known for their greater energy efficiency, as they require less maintenance than their internal combustion counterparts. This trend reflects the importance of adopting sustainable solutions in the forklift industry.

Safety as a priority

Safety is an absolute priority when it comes to forklifts and earthmoving equipment. Operators of these vehicles must be properly trained and certified to ensure the safe use of the machines.

That is the reason why forklifts are equipped with advanced safety features, such as audible warning devices, monitoring cameras, automatic stabilization systems and sensors to detect obstacles. These measures help prevent accidents and protect the safety of anyone working near these powerful tools.

Technologic innovations

The forklift and earthmoving equipment industry is constantly evolving thanks to technological innovations.



Some interesting developments include the use of artificial intelligence to optimize vehicle performance, the integration of remote control systems to enable safer and more flexible operation, and the adoption of data management systems to collect information on vehicle performance and improve operational efficiency.

Forklifts and earthmoving machinery: the core of industrial and construction sector

As we have seen, forklifts and earthmoving vehicles hide a series of fascinating curiosities and secrets. From their ancient history to modern technological innovations, these machines are much more than simple lifting and handling tools.

They are the core of industrial and construction sector, contributing to operational efficiency, safety and sustainability.

carrello elevatore telescopico

For Tamarri s.r.l, learning more about these curiosities can only increase our admiration for the crucial role that forklifts and earthmoving equipment play in today’s world! 😉

Forklifts in Industry 4.0. The progress of Intelligent Automation in forklifts

carrelli elevatori intelligenti

Forklifts in Industry 4.0: new industrial frontiers and important step towards intelligent automation.

Forklifts in Industry 4.0. The progress of Intelligent Automation in forklifts

The forklift industry is rapidly evolving and embracing the new frontiers of Industry 4.0 and intelligent automation. These material handling vehicles are becoming increasingly intelligent and connected, leading to a revolution in logistics processes and inventory management.

In this article, we will explore how forklifts are becoming key players in Industry 4.0 and how this is changing the industrial landscape, paying particular attention to opportunities for Italian forklift parts companies.

Traditional forklifts have long been reliable machines for lifting and transporting materials, but digital technologies have led to a qualitative leap in the automation and intelligence of these vehicles. Smart forklifts are equipped with advanced sensors, automated driving systems, artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity to interact with the operating context and human operators.

Forklifts in Industry 4.0. Benefits of Intelligent Automation in Forklifts

Operational Efficiency: Smart forklifts can optimize material handling routes, reducing transportation times and fuel consumption, improving the overall efficiency of the entire logistics process.



Advanced Safety: Thanks to advanced sensors and detection systems, intelligent forklifts can identify and prevent collisions, reducing risks for operators and material.

Real-Time Monitoring: IoT connectivity allows for real-time monitoring of forklift performance, facilitating preventative maintenance and reducing downtime.

Process Automation: Intelligent forklifts can be integrated into automated processes, like stock management in warehouses or transport logistics.

Forklifts in Industry 4.0. Opportunities for Forklift Spare Parts Companies

With intelligent automation becoming more prevalent in the forklift industry, parts companies have the opportunity to expand their product and services to meet new market needs. Some of the opportunities include:

Intelligent Parts: Automation requires more sophisticated components adapted to the specifications of intelligent forklifts, such as advanced sensors, actuators and automated driving systems.

Software and Data Analytics: Parts companies can offer data management and analytics software for smart forklifts, allowing customers to monitor and optimize vehicle performance.

Smart Maintenance Services: Maintenance of smart elevators will require specialized skills and services, such as remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance.

Training and Technical Support: With the introduction of new technologies, parts companies can provide training and technical support for forklift operators, helping them make the best use of advanced features.

Intelligent forklifts: a fundamental component of Industry 4.0

Forklifts are becoming an essential component of industry 4.0, embracing intelligent automation and becoming increasingly connected. This transformation offers exciting opportunities for Italian forklift parts companies, as they can adapt their product and service offerings to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving industry.

The combination of operational efficiency, advanced safety and new features welcomes an exciting future for the forklift industry and parts companies that are ready to take on this challenge.

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Lettera di Natale

As the years go by, it’s necessary to end the year with an open letter to all the people that helped us to achieve what we sometimes believed to be impossible.

tamarri storia

Those have been complicated days, weeks and years. Complicated, as we are used to be present, close and ready, therefore this uncertainty that everyone has faced was something new for us.

It’s not the first time we face difficulties, and we know how to fight, overcome obstacles and solve problems, even the most challenging ones.

However, the spreading pandemic situation in which we found ourselves was abnormal, unpredictable and we perceived it as highly threatening. In some moments we felt lost and a bit frightened, but we never lost sight of our vocation for work and innovation, even in that dark time.

We are among the lucky ones that during this hard time never stopped. We continued to work and develop constantly in the name of technology and professionalism in order to provide our customers with the best quality and service.

Nevertheless, none of the above could have been possible without a solid and irreplaceable help. We are addressing the industrial world, the warehouse and logistic sector. The world that allowed all of us to receive on time everything we needed, from the essential spare part e to work, to the food on our tables.

They are the same that, now that Christmas is approaching, deliver us the certainty to have food to put on our Christmas tables, the presents under the tree and the warehouses always supplied! 😉


To them and to all our customers that never stop trusting our knowledge and expertise goes all our gratitude.

🎁 Merry Christmas to all of you from Tamarri s.r.l, a Christmas full of that serenity we all deserve! 🎄

UE Industry days


UE Industry days. On the 23rd February Ursula Von der Leyen started the UE industry days: an important event, always very awaited, this year more than usual.

industria digitale

UE Industry days: Ursula Von Der Leyen officially opens the conference

On 23 February, Ursula Von der Leyen opened the conference on EU Industry Days. This is the fourth edition of the Union’s largest industry event held every year.

After a welcome speech by the Commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, Ursula Von der Leyen officially opened the online conference.

There were also the president of the European Parliament, Davide Sassoli, the executive vice-presidents, the commissioners, leaders and personalities of reference in the EU industry

UE Industry days: Green and digital the new topics

Let’s analyze the agenda on the whole, and the main issues addressed. We are in a very complex historical, political and economic context that has also closely involved and transformed the entire social sphere. There is no sector that has not been involved and upset by the pandemic that has marked 2020.

In particular this context declined in particular on industrial ecosystems, will be placed on the table of the conference to be held in these days.

The emphasis will be placed on the transformation of European industry according to a greener and more digital perspective, and included in an evolving global situation. In particular, competitiveness will be measured on these aspect.

UE Industry days: new challenges and opportunities discussed by the UE Industry protagonists.

Since 2017, when the EU Industry Days began, this conference has represented the main platform of the European Union to foster communication, dialogue and discussion between the protagonists of industry world.

It is precisely here that  challenges and opportunities for the world of industry have been opened

It is precisely here that  challenges and opportunities for the world of industry have been opened

In this crucial year, not only for the secondary sector but for the entire economic and social ecosystem, the interventions are facing the audacious challenge of relaunching the industrial forum for clean energy. A theme that  cannot be postponed, but must have a central role on the discussion table.

For this reason, a new hackathon has been planned. This type of event enables to start innovative projects, which are able to develop ideas that have never been considered before and make fundamental contacts. The key objective is to restart in a more “healthy” way, successfully addressing the most urgent challenges in the field of intelligent health within the EU.

The European dialogue platform, which has been created in these 4 years, will also be improved and updated in relation to the latest events. A new and even more fruitful collaboration between partners who will come together in clusters, focused on a transformation towards digital and green, proactive towards economic recovery.

energia pulita

We are confident that at the end of the EU Industry Days, new solutions and constructive perspectives will be identified for European industry.

We will take care of resuming and updating the topic in a future article. 🙂

The Hannover Fair warms up its engines towards artificial intelligence.

The Hanover Fair, which is dedicated to industry, is the exhibition event point of reference for technology in the world and is ready to attract the interest of experts. The focus for the year 2020 will be Artificial Intelligence.

A reference point

Fiera di Hannover

Hannover Fair, one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to technology for industry, is working to complete the preparation of the annual exhibition scheduled from 20th to 24th April 2020.

Even for 2020 this extraordinary event promises to be exciting and, as usual, will not disappoint the expectations of industry experts.

It is assumed that, once again, Forum 4.0 will retain the leading role it has already earned for its success in previous editions: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, remain and (for a little while longer) will remain, the topics most followed by industry managers worldwide.

Martin Ruskowski’s point of view

Risultato immagini per Martin Ruskowski"

In the last edition, in particular the convention entitled “From Industry 4.0 to Artificial Intelligence in Production“, held by Prof. Martin Ruskowski, was the most popular.

He is one of the leading experts, already known in the environment as director of the Innovative Factory Systems Division at the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

During the edition of HANNOVER MESSE 2020, with Forum Industry 4.0 (which falls within the exhibition sector “Automation, Motion & Drives”), there will be practical demonstrations of the opportunities of new technologies.

In fact, international experts will show, through real test benches and advanced technologies, which opportunities derive from the digitization of value chains and products.

An extraordinary programme

Hence there will be daily conferences to attend which will also be a great starting point for a comparison with the main players in the world of economics, science and politics.

Risultato immagini per Fiera di Hannover convention"

But, if artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of industry are to be the main themes, there will be further important contributions; such as the industrial Internet of things and the exposition of the advantages of Industry 4.0 especially concerning small and medium enterprises.

Horizons 4.0 … and beyond

And again, important social issues will be addressed, such as the relationship between man and work in the context of Industry 4.0, which have already been covered during the previous editions with great success among those present, as well as debates on predictive maintenance, predictive analysis and business models B2B platforms.

Risultato immagini per industry 4.0"

To put it in the words of Arno Reich, Senior Vice President of Deutsche, thanks to the Hannover Fair, the digital transformation of industry, from a niche theme, becomes a “megatrend”. Furthermore, according to the Vice President, the event and its programme represent “a beacon, an authoritative point of reference”.

So are we already to go and to propose our contribution: it will be an opportunity to put our know-how at the disposal of progress!