Safety and efficiency in the evolution of the industrial landscape


Safety and efficiency: Industry 4.0, a technological revolution which, by integrating artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things, redefines industrial production with automated processes and an interconnected environment. This evolution enhances the efficiency and customization of production, requiring the adoption of innovative solutions to fully exploit its potential.

Redefining the future: Industrial Plants 4.0

We live in an era of epochal changes, in which industry is experiencing an unprecedented revolution: Industry 4.0. This radical transformation is driven by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality, which are redefining the way we produce and manage industrial activities.

Industry 4.0 represents a significant step forward compared to previous industrial paradigms. It’s not just about automating production processes, but about creating a completely interconnected, intelligent and flexible environment. The machines communicate with each other and with management systems in real time, allowing for more precise control and immediate response to unexpected events.

The heart of this revolution is digitalisation, which goes beyond the simple computerization of processes. Thanks to advanced data collection and analysis systems, companies can obtain a detailed view of their operations, enabling more informed decisions and optimized resource management. Production becomes more efficient, personalized and sustainable.

The practical applications of Industry 4.0 are evident in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics and maintenance. Forklifts, for example, can be equipped with intelligent sensors and geolocation systems to improve safety and optimize warehouse operations. Predictive maintenance becomes a reality, reducing downtime and increasing the life of systems.

This revolution is not only technological but also involves a cultural and organizational change. Businesses must adopt an open mindset to innovation and invest in training their teams to fully capitalize on the benefits of Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 therefore represents an extraordinary opportunity to redefine our approach to industrial production. It is a journey towards technological excellence, operational efficiency and sustainability, which is shaping the future of businesses and industry as a whole.

Redefining the future: Tamarri, a constantly evolving reality

How is Tamarri positioned in this revolution?

For Tamarri S.R.L., technology and innovation represent a passion, a true vocation. This is why STS EVO 4.0 and Tracker EVO were created, advanced solutions to improve safety and efficiency in industry 4.0. STS EVO 4.0 and Tracker EVO by Tamarri have enabled expansion, designed to improve safety and efficiency, they are advanced solutions that can be successfully integrated into Tamarri’s portfolio to meet the growing needs of the sector.

But let’s find out them in detail: the STS EVO 4.0 device, focused on driver access control and pedestrian management, offers a significant contribution to warehouse safety. Its ability to reduce slowdowns in specific areas not only improves workplace safety but also helps increase productivity. This device offers advanced solutions that go beyond traditional spare parts, positioning Tamarri as a complete supplier for safety and efficiency needs within the industry.

The Tracker EVO, with its advanced vehicle monitoring and geolocalization function, allows you to optimize vehicle management and improve driver safety, representing an added value of great importance.

The tax and financial breaks introduced by the Government encourage companies to adopt Industry 4.0 solutions, reducing production costs.

Redefining the Future: A Portal to Security

In an era where technological innovation merges closely with the industrial sector, we cannot ignore the crucial role that safety plays in shaping the future of working environements. From the data provided by INAIL it clearly emerges that the majority of accidents are caused by failure to comply with safety regulations, underlining the need for constant commitment to guarantee safe and protected working environments.


What emerges from this analysis is the responsibility of each company in promoting a culture of safety. We as Tamarri s.r.l firmly believe that economic progress must be accompanied by respect and defense of the value of people and work, exposed in the rules that regulate this area.

Safety at work is not just regulatory compliance, but an ethical and social commitment that goes beyond mere observance of the law.

With a proactive approach to safety and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, we can not only reduce the number of injuries, but also create healthier and more productive work environments. Investing in safety protects the well-being of workers, moreover, it helps building companies that are resilient and sustainable in the long term. In this context, compliance with safety regulations becomes a foundation for building a prosperous and sustainable economic future, in which people are the center of industrial progress.

Precisely for this reason Tamarri has created a dedicated portal:


Tamarri elevates safety: advanced systems and solutions for forklifts

In recent years, Tamarri has expanded its market, focusing on the sale and application of innovative safety systems for forklifts. Our range includes devices for light and acoustic signaling, onboard systems such as bumpers, rear-view mirrors, seat belts, emergency buttons, and solutions related to fundamental maintenance, which is often neglected. Among these, the hydraulic chain cutting press and the rigorous gauges for measuring wear guarantee maximum safety when replacing chains.

Our product line ranges from the reliability of the sophisticated tracker device for real-time monitoring of the entire fleet to the most advanced devices. In particular, what we are particularly proud of is our STS collision avoidance system. Designed in-house by Tamarri, this cutting-edge platform improves safety in logistics sectors, offering optimal control over handling vehicles.

Our safety systems for forklifts, stand out for their reliability, precision and rigor. Designed in compliance with the latest safety regulations and produced with top quality materials, these systems allow you to improve the safety of handling vehicles, from the warehouse to the construction site, through an increase in remote monitoring possibilities.

In pursuing industrial excellence, we know that safety is not just a priority, but the key to a sustainable future. We look to the future with the certainty that investing in safety means investing in the lasting success of businesses and the well-being of people.

How to choose the ideal earthmoving components for your fleet

Choosing components: If you are responsible for managing a fleet of forklifts, you know how crucial it is to keep your machines in perfect working order. In this article we will discover everything you need to know about the proper functioning of your forklifts.

How to choose components: the quality of the components

Forklifts are essential tools in many industries and their efficiency largely depends on the quality of their components. In particular, earthmoving components play a fundamental role in ensuring the stability, safety and performance of forklifts. In this article, we will explore how to choose the ideal earthmoving components for your fleet, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and operational safety.

How to choose components: evaluate the needs of your fleet

The first step in choosing the ideal earthmoving components for your forklift fleet is to fully understand the specific needs. Each fleet may have different requirements based on the sector in which it operates, the load it transports and the environmental conditions in which it works. Carry out a detailed assessment of the following areas:

  1. Weight and load capacity: Consider the maximum weight your forklifts must lift. Make sure earthmoving components are designed to handle heavy loads safely.
  2. Work environment: environmental conditions, such as the presence of bumpy, dirty or wet surfaces, influence the choice of earthmoving components. You will need to consider tires, shock absorbers and other parts according to the usage environment.
  3. Type of forklift: reach trucks, side trucks, telescopic boom forklifts – each type of forklift requires specific earthmoving components to ensure optimal performance.
  4. Preventive maintenance: Evaluate your preventive maintenance strategy. High-quality components may require a higher initial outlay, but can reduce maintenance costs in the long term.

How to choose components: consult industry experts

Choosing the ideal earthmoving components can be a complex task, especially if you are not an expert in the field. In these cases, it is advisable to consult industry experts or reliable forklift parts suppliers. They can help you identify quality components that meet the specific needs of your fleet.

Experts can also offer advice on component compatibility and compliance with safety regulations. Investing in trusted relationships with qualified suppliers is often a wise step to ensure smooth operations.


How to choose components: quality and safety

When choosing earthmoving components for your fleet, it is essential to place a strong emphasis on quality and safety. Opting for low-cost but poor-quality components can lead to frequent failures and dangerous situations. Instead, look for certified products from renowned brands, even if they require a larger initial investment.

Forklift safety is of primary importance, as a malfunction can result in serious injury or property damage. High quality components will help reduce the risk of accidents and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Monitor and maintain components

Once you have chosen the ideal earthmoving components, the management of your fleet does not end. It is essential to implement a regular monitoring and maintenance program to ensure that components continue to function reliably over time. Preventative maintenance can help prevent costly failures and extend the life of components.

Choosing spare parts: maximizing the efficiency and longevity of forklifts, reducing the risk of accidents


Choosing the ideal earthmoving components for your forklift fleet is a critical decision that directly impacts the performance and safety of your operations. Take the time to carefully evaluate your fleet’s needs, consult industry experts and invest in high-quality components.

This approach will help you maximize the efficiency and longevity of your forklifts, while reducing the risk of accidents and costly downtime.






Spare parts: choose the right partner!

Spare parts: the forklift and earthmoving industry is becoming increasingly important and constantly evolving. In a world that moves at an increasingly faster pace, companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of their forklifts and earthmoving machinery.

Spare parts: the right choice

Choosing the right spare parts is one of the most important aspects to ensure the correct functioning of forklifts and earthmoving machinery. In today’s market, companies that produce spare parts for this type of vehicles are becoming increasingly specialized, and increasingly able to offer specific solutions to customer needs.

Technology has revolutionized the forklift and earthmoving industry, thanks to a vast range of innovative solutions. Digitalisation provided companies with the opportunity to monitor their forklifts and earthmoving equipment in real time, allowing them to carry out more precise control and prevent any problems before they occur.

Spare parts: choose increasingly innovative companies

Forklift and earthmoving spare parts companies are always looking for innovative solutions, as the introduction of advanced technologies such as 3D printing. With this technology,  customized spare parts are produced quickly and efficiently, reducing vehicle inactivity and increasing productivity.

macchine intelligenti

Furthermore, spare parts companies for forklifts and earthmoving trucks are investing more and more in sustainability, choosing among eco-compatible solutions that reduce environmental impact. For example, using recycled or biodegradable materials can help companies reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles.

Spare parts: Tamarri as your technological partner

Thanks to these innovations, the forklift and earthmoving industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced.

Tamarri s.r.l is increasingly committed in finding solutions to meet customer needs, implementing innovative technologies that guarantee the, efficiency and productivity of their vehicles.

With the continuous evolution of technology and a greater focus on sustainability, the future of the forklift and earthmoving industry is plenty of new opportunities.