Social distancing in the workplace

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The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has affected all of us globally, in our private life, at work, as human beings and citizens. Health care, safety and to guarantee the availability of food products are of primary importance, and we praise the efforts of all those who are working tirelessly to protect, serve and feed the inhabitants of the

The restart is essential, necessary…vital ! For this reason, Tamarri ., always attentive to safety within companies, has decided to invest in research and development to create a brand brand-new device for social distancing in the workplace.

What is GoodVibER

GoodVibER is a small device, with Bluetooth technology, which allows operators of any
company, commercial or industrial, to maintain the safety distance. All in a totally anonymous
way and without any tracking.

GoodVibER | A safe, economic and in full respect of privacy (GoodVibER does not keep track of any information) that guarantees the right distance between people, avoiding crowds and reducing the risk of contagion from Covid-19.

How it works

The operation is simple and immediate. Thanks to internal technology, GoodVibER is able to sense the proximity of another device within two metres. Each operator is warned through a vibration, an acoustic signal and the lighting of an LED, until the safety distance is restored.

GoodVibER | | Made in Italy of excellence

A device made in Italy, thanks to the synergy between professionals, technicians, engineers and security experts. A project designed completely in Italy to ensure excellent quality standards and to keep our supply chain always alive.

Features and strengths

Allows distancing on the job
Prevents contagion from Covid 19 and not only
Ensures the privacy of each individual
Ensures total anonymity (no
Helps to avoid crowding
Adaptable to any production and industrial reality
Warning devices : acoustic, vibration, LED light
It is rechargeable through a simple USB connection
The battery lasts up to 24h of use (3 shifts of 8h)
Uses the standard Bluetooth
It is resistant and made with anti wear materials
It does not require any particular maintenance

Why GoodVibER

The name GoodVibER was chosen because of the need of
great positivity, in fact the name is inspired by the expression good vibes which in English means good vibrations. Furthermore, GoodVib ER vibrates to signal that the distance has been exceeded.bologna

Finally, ER indicates our region, Emilia Romagna , where this device was designed.

Download here the user guide.

The new ally for the safety of workers

GoodVibER is a small device, as large as a key ring, worn both on a
belt or around the neck, and ensures adequate spacing between
operators, without interfering with any other digital instrument.
Bluetooth technology, in fact, allows complete autonomy and is
practically “immune” to interference.

When the device detects another device nearby, both emit an
acoustic warning, vibrate and turn on a red LED: the danger of
DISTANCE NOT RESPECTED is thus signalled.

Quando il dispositivo «sente» un altro dispositivo nelle vicinanze, entrambi emettono un avviso acustico, vibrano e accendono un led di colore rosso: viene così segnalato il pericolo di DISTANZA NON RISPETTATA.

If you have a company where the safety of your workers is the most precious asset, and request your GoodVibER immediately. You can book it already today! Fill in the form and you will receive all the information from one of our consultants.

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