Technological revolution in the earthmoving machinery sector

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The earthmoving machinery sector, fundamental for the development of infrastructures and the implementation of various types of construction projects, is going through a phase of profound technological transformation. The integration of advanced technologies, from automation to artificial intelligence (AI), is redefining the limits of earthmoving operations, bringing substantial benefits in terms of operational efficiency, workplace safety and environmental sustainability.

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Automations for greater safety and productivity

Automation technologies are revolutionizing the way earthmoving operations are managed, with a particular emphasis on safety and productivity in the workplace. Remote control systems allow operators to control machines from a safe location, dramatically reducing the risk of accidents and injuries during construction site activities. This is particularly crucial in high-risk situations or hazardous environments, where the operator’s physical presence could be at risk. The recent accidents at work that have crowded the news in recent months cannot leave us indifferent to this dramatic aspect.

Sensors and Telemetry

The integration of advanced sensors and telemetry systems allows continuous collection of data on site conditions and machine performance. This data provides crucial information to optimize earthmoving operations, monitor machine health and prevent unexpected failures. Telemetry also allows real-time monitoring of machines remotely, allowing operators to intervene promptly in the event of anomalies or problems.

Autonomous driving for efficiency and precision

Autonomous driving represents another key innovation in the earthmoving machinery sector. This technology allows machines to autonomously navigate through a construction site by following predefined paths or dynamically adapting to environmental conditions. This not only reduces the dependence on human operators, who are nevertheless fundamental for the control and verification of the machines, but also improves the operational efficiency and precision of excavation, leveling and soil movement activities. Furthermore, autonomous driving allows for greater uniformity and consistency in the work carried out, minimizing errors and waste of resources.

Intelligent route management for resource optimization

Intelligent path management is another important application of automation technologies in the earthmoving machinery sector. These systems use real-time data to optimize machine routes, minimizing distance traveled and maximizing fuel efficiency. Additionally, intelligent route management takes into account variables such as construction site congestion, terrain conditions and access restrictions to ensure optimal workflow and equitable distribution of resources.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is revolutionizing the way earthmoving machinery is used and managed. AI algorithms analyze massive amounts of data to identify patterns and trends, improving the accuracy of digging, grading and earthmoving operations. Additionally, AI is used to optimize preventative maintenance, predicting downtime and proactively planning maintenance interventions.

Invest in training and infrastructure, constant evaluation and updating to ensure their correct functioning and maximize the benefits

In conclusion, the integration of automation and remote control technologies in the earthmoving machinery sector brings a series of significant benefits, including greater workplace safety, greater productivity and more efficient use of resources. However, it is important to note that these innovations require adequate investment in training and infrastructure, as well as continuous evaluation and updating to ensure their correct functioning and maximize the benefits for businesses and workers in the sector.

It is essential that companies in the sector remain updated on the latest technologies and adopt an innovative approach to the management of earthmoving machinery to remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market.

The training

Training #1 – Technology for collaboration

For a week, follow some simple rules to use technology collaboratively, not only aimed at achieving a given goal, but also with respect to the needs of other people:

Transparency: share your agenda and get others to share theirs with you.

Cleaning: whenever you can, put a maximum of 3 people in carbon copy in an email, to avoid the multiplication of information that could draw unnecessary attention from others.

Alignment: work on shared documents, to avoid unnecessary efforts and waste of time (for example, to avoid working in parallel on different versions of the same file).

Accuracy: send targeted and concise emails, 5-10 lines maximum, with an unambiguous subject and a content structure that is understandable at a glance.

Empathy: send emails only during respectful hours (“sociable hours”), avoiding evenings and weekends, limiting yourself to communicating what the other person expects to know from you, or what is relevant to them.

Training #2 – Collective intelligence

For a week, follow 7 simple rules to collaborate and create innovative solutions together with others, the result of collective intelligence.

Don’t undermine other people’s ideas, but encourage them to generate new ones by “launching” on theirs (avoid “yes, but…” and use “yes, and…”).

Respect the rules of brainstorming, not only in dedicated sessions, but in every moment of sharing and exchanging ideas with other people. Separate the creative phase of generating ideas (divergent phase) from the judgment (convergent phase): when you are in the first, “surf” freely among the ideas of others and, only in the second, express your consent or dissent with clarity and respect.

Facilitates collective thinking: connect and relate your ideas to those of others and those of others to each other (“your idea makes me think of…”)

Listen actively, ask others questions to better understand how and what they think. Engage, offer and ask for suggestions and advice.

Relativize: start from the assumption that your beliefs are a point of view, not a mandatory dogma. Question yourself, invite others to challenge your ideas, and continually look for ideas to improve your thinking with the help of others.

Keeping your eyes closed and paying attention to your breathing will help you fall asleep quickly.

No distractions: your phone’s “flight mode” is your best friend!

Tamarri: for a technology dedicated to empathy! 😉


Avoid collisions with the 2D LiDAR System: an innovative solution for warehouse safety

Tamarri’s priority in warehouse management has always been safety, with a constant commitment to the safety first paradigm! Today we are pleased to present a cutting-edge product: 2D LiDAR sensors, also known as 2D laser scanners, ideal for precise measurements and detection of surfaces.


How the 2D Laser Scanner Works

Based on the principle of measuring the propagation time of light, these compact devices scan their surroundings and measure distances. Thanks to the integrated rotating mirror, two-dimensional monitoring of the protected areas is carried out, completely customizable.

The new rear anti-collision system, based on a latest generation sensor, is enclosed in a robust 5 mm metal support, which allows for easy installation even on the ballast of the trolley.

Our SS61K kit includes:

2D LiDAR sensor with mounting bracket

12-24vDC relay box

LED lamp with acoustic signal

Connection cables

Regardless of the installation angle, 2D LiDAR sensors from SICK offer reliability and precision in both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether for navigation, sensing or measurement, these sensors provide reliable data in multiple applications, from warehouse facilities to manufacturing, from ports to construction sites.

Usage in warehouse environments

The most common application is mounting the sensor on the rear ballast of the forklift, at approximately 40 cm in height, thus ensuring the detection of obstacles on the ground as well.

The settings include two different detection areas:

Area 1: 120° scan, depth of 6-7 m for the first slowdown (orange area)

Area 2: 120° scan, 2-3 m depth for the second slowdown (green area)

The two digital outputs of the sensor are sent to the relay board (3 CO.NC.NO relays), to which the included LED lamp is connected, which signals the presence of dangers to the staff through an acoustic and visual signal. Furthermore, it is possible to configure the slowdown of the vehicle in case of hazardous situations.

  • Green light and no acoustic signal in the absence of obstacles
  • Orange light with intermittent acoustic signal in the presence of obstacles in area 1
  • Orange light with continuous acoustic signal in the presence of obstacles in area 2

In some situations only the lamp is necessary to signal a dangerous situation, without affecting the slowdown of the vehicle, thus simplifying the application of the kit.

SICK safety laser scanners combine experience and technical knowledge to offer excellent performance.

Tamarri: excellence in automation and safety! 😉



Act plural

Act plural. “A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
(John Lennon)

Act the plural: collaboration and individuality

Collaborating means actively participating to achieve objectives or carrying out an activity. Within the company, collaboration is essential, as a synergistic relationship between two or more entities that work together. The main aim is to produce something better than what could be done alone.

“Collaboration”, however, should not be at odds with “Individuality”.

One of the most famous maxims on teamwork, attributed to the Chicago Bulls assistant coach, Tex Winter, reads: “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’”. It is also said that the star of that team, Michael Jordan, replied thus: “But there is an ‘I’ in ‘win’”.

True: there is no room for individualism in collaboration. But successful collaboration requires room for individuality, today more than ever. Today, even thinking working alone has become almost impossible.

Not only that: we ourselves, individually, have an “internal team”, and we are like a team made up of several different personalities, with different interests and desires, even divergent.

Act plural: collaboration and empathy

The goal of the day of the professional self, for example, may not coincide with that of the family self. Everyone gives the best of themselves if they are in balance with their life, and therefore collaborating means contributing to mutual balance.

Collaborating, especially today that technologies give us access to increasingly effective and pervasive connection tools (the magic – unthinkable 15 years ago – of a video call) and sharing (the agility of a shared working document), then also becomes and above all a question of empathy, a delicate interlocking of “fractals” between our “internal team” and the actual “external teams” of which we are part.

Sharing a project objective matters, and how; but collaborating with someone to ensure that both ours and their more “subtle” desires and needs come out gratified and valued, is what makes the difference in ours (and in others’) work-life balance.

The advice: collaborate more and better, with others and with yourself. In the era of sharing, it is not only projects and objectives that are “shared”, but also people, their values, their sensitivities, their multiple desires: committed to ensuring that everything – not just the result of project – comes out improved. Also because if you learn to respect other people’s time, others will learn to respect yours.

Act plural: ask yourself the right questions

What can I concretely do to facilitate all-round collaboration in my team?

How do I take into account the “vital” needs and desires of the people I collaborate with?

What questions do I ask my colleagues to stimulate them and enrich my and their ideas?

How do I evaluate my active listening level? And how could I improve it?


Allenamento #1 – Tecnologia per collaborare

Per una settimana, segui alcune semplici regole per utilizzare la tecnologia in modo collaborativo, non solo finalizzato al raggiungimento di un dato obiettivo, ma anche rispetto alle esigenze delle altre persone:
Trasparenza: condividi la tua agenda e fa’ in modo che gli altri condividano la propria con te.
Pulizia: tutte le volte che puoi, metti al massimo 3 persone in copia conoscenza in un’email, per evitare la moltiplicazione di informazioni che potrebbero prendere attenzione inutile dagli altri.
Allineamento: lavora su documenti condivisi, per evitare sforzi superflui e sprechi di tempo (per esempio, per non lavorare in parallelo su versioni diverse dello stesso file).
Accuratezza: invia email mirate e concise, 5-10 righe al massimo, con un oggetto inequivocabile e una struttura dei contenuti comprensibile a colpo d’occhio.
Empatia: invia email solo in ore rispettose (“sociable hours”), evitando le sere e i weekend, limitandoti a comunicare ciò che l’altra persona si aspetta di sapere da te, o ciò che è rilevante per lei.

Allenamento #2 – Intelligenza collettiva

Per un settimana, segui 7 semplici regole per collaborare e creare insieme agli altri soluzioni innovative, frutto di intelligenza collettiva.
Non mettere in crisi le idee degli altri, ma incoraggiali a generarne di nuove “rilanciando” sulle loro (evita “sì, ma…” e usa il “sì, e…”).
Rispetta le regole del brainstorming, non solo nelle sessioni dedicate, ma in ogni momento di condivisione e scambio di idee con altre persone. Separa la fase creativa di generazione delle idee (fase divergente) dal giudizio (fase convergente): quando sei nella prima, “surfa” in libertà tra le idee degli altri e, solo nella seconda, esprimi con chiarezza e rispetto il tuo consenso o dissenso.
Facilita il pensiero collettivo: connetti e metti in relazione le tue idee con quelle degli altri e quelle degli altri tra loro (“la tua idea mi fa pensare a…”)
Ascolta in modo attivo, fai domande agli altri per capire meglio come e cosa pensano. Coinvolgi, offri e chiedi suggerimenti e consigli.

Relativizza: parti dal presupposto che le tue convinzioni sono un punto di vista, non un dogma inderogabile. Mettiti in discussione, invita gli altri a sfidare le tue idee e cerca continuamente spunti per migliorare il tuo pensiero con l’aiuto degli altri.
Occhi sempre chiusi e attenzione sul respiro ti aiuteranno a prendere sonno rapidamente.
Nessuna distrazione: il “flight mode” del telefono è il tuo miglior amico!

Tamarri: per una tecnologia all’insegna dell’empatia! 😉

Christmas letter

carrello di Natale


Dear customers,

We end this year with an open letter to all of you, who have made what sometimes seemed impossible possible.

We have spent a complex year together, which has always seen us committed to our role of being present, close and operational.

In the past, we have faced challenges and we are used to fight, overcome obstacles and solve problems, even the most complex ones.

The uncertain economic situation and the current energy crisis present us with new challenges, but our dedication to work and innovation has never wavered. We continued to work and design, committing ourselves to technological research and offering professionalism to guarantee our customers the best service and the highest quality.

For this reason, we participated in an extraordinary event: the 9th edition of the GIS-Italian Days of Lifting and Exceptional Transport. The largest European exhibition-conference dedicated to the relevant product sectors.

Precisely on this occasion we presented the new Product Catalog with over 100,000 items delivered in 24/48 hours.




This and much more would not have been possible without the solid and irreplaceable support of the entire industrial world, the warehouse and logistics sector. Thanks to you, who always allowed us to have what we needed.

As Christmas approaches, we want to express our gratitude to all of you and to all our customers who continue to trust in our expertise.


Natale Tamarri

To all of you, the warmest wishes of Tamarri S.r.l. for a Christmas full of serenity and joy.

With love, Team Tamarri S.r.l. 🎁🎄