Onboard safety for forklift trucks: for guaranteed control

Tamarri Spa has always taken care of safety on forklift trucks. Every onboard safety accessory is chosen with meticulous attention to the smallest detail so that they are the best on the market.

We all know how fundamental it is that every activity in the warehouse or on the construction site takes place in total safety.

In this sector, more than ever, the quality of spare parts is essential to guarantee the safety standards also regulated by legislation as well as common sense.

But what are the main categories of onboard security accessories?

Let’s analyse them together in this article: they are called “accessories”, but they are certainly not of secondary importance. It regards essential elements to complete the functionality and guarantee the safety of the vehicle.

Robust and easy to apply bumpers

Needless to say, it is essential that bumpers are wear resistant and perfectly visible: those of Tamarri Spa are available in various sizes and are applied to the most varied surfaces through already provided practical fixing holes or by means of powerful and convenient magnets.

With our SS141 bumper kits, replacing the bumper because it is no longer suitable for preventing, limiting or cushioning the damage of a collision becomes simple and economical. It can also be combined with the TA36216 integrated system.

Assisted parking systems are among the most popular aftermarket accessories in the automotive and handling equipment market. Often, however, the installation is complex and awkward. Thanks to our TA36216 DIY kit, installation is quick and easy. The robust and reliable control unit can be positioned easily anywhere on the vehicle.

Why insert a camera?

Camera systems are designed to increase the performance and safety of forklift trucks and industrial vehicles. Easy manoeuvring and speeds on the forklift, in fact, make these devices essential to complete and optimize safety in the working environment.

A winning combination: thanks to the high definition SS99 camera with its wide focal range and the HD SS128 monitor, moving in an agile and safe way will no longer be a problem. Very simple to install, this system guarantees an economical and reliable solution to enrich the safety equipment of the vehicle.

Moreover, thanks to the additional wireless device SS131, images are transmitted without having to use video cables.

Emergency buttons: promptness makes the difference


Emergency buttons are among the most important devices to be installed on a forklift or a handling vehicle.

Tamarri Spa is ready! We have emergency buttons for different needs and functions, and we can stop the vehicle promptly, with a single gesture, to make it safe.

There are multiple types of buttons depending on the model of the vehicle on which it will be installed, the voltage, the amperage and the application: “mushroom” emergency buttons, with a “key release”, “rotation release” and many others.

Rear-view mirrors: the perfect visual picture in all conditions

High quality products for the widest coverage of the industrial vehicle fleet and chosen among those which meet the highest quality standards required by the major global vehicle companies, the rear-view mirrors of Tamarri Spa guarantee high visibility, resistance and are easy to use.

Its strong point? Impeccable quality.

The rear-view mirror SS703 for the interior of the passenger compartment is 70% more impact-resistant than traditional mirrors.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Assembly is quick and easy thanks to the mounting accessories supplied. This model, like all the others, guarantees full visibility thanks to the wide viewing angles and anti-fog materials.

Seat belts

According to ISPESL (Higher Institute for Prevention and Occupational Safety) the number of injuries due to the lack of use of adequate retention systems (which are not up to standard or even missing), is still too high.

Tamarri Spa is particularly aware of the fact that restraint systems are among the most important tools to prevent serious accidents at work, and for this reason it offers different types of adaptable and easily fitted safety belts.

All seat belts chosen by Tamarri Spa are tested and perfectly adaptable to any vehicle and are supplied with all the mounting accessories for an easy and immediate installation.

Thanks to the wide selection of onboard safety accessories for forklifts and automatic machines, Tamarri Spa offers you the widest coverage on the market: bumpers, rear-view mirrors, seat belts and emergency buttons.

Much more than accessories in our warehouse, but reliable partners.

Browse our catalogue and discover all our safety products!