Predictive maintenance: fundamental in the company agenda

manutenzione predittiva

Predictive maintenance: Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence for a successful maintenance politicy in the company.

Predictive maintenance and data-driven approaches

In the last decade, there has been a lot of talk about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications in the context of company maintenance policies, so that they are considered the panacea for all problems.

Over time it was understood that there is no better policy than others. As far as maintenance is concerned, in fact, every company must try to find the best strategy which often does not consist in a single policy, but in a mix of different and correct strategies.

Predictive maintenance: the evolution of maintenance strategies over time

In the past few years, the interest in maintenance has never been central to the CEO’s agenda. However, after the pandemic, more company managers are turning their interest to this aspect, which has now become important.

manutenzione predittiva

The reason is clear: in the Covid era, the critical points of companies emerged more clearly: fragility and corporate rigidity. Hence the need of transformation into flexible and strong companies able to withstand sudden crises and emergencies. Not only that: strong companies are above all those that in addition to withstanding the emergency, are also able to take advantage of it.

Maintenance is no longer just essential to support operational continuity, but also as a solution to ensure production efficiency. Adapting profitably and efficiently to rapidly changing contexts is now more fundamental than ever.

Predictive maintenance: maintenance policies

Maintenance policy and historical evolution of maintenance engineering go hand in hand. Both, then, follow the level of knowledge of the system.

From corrective maintenance, which is not very effective for the efficiency of a plant, we have moved on to preventive maintenance on a statistical basis. That is the time to replace the component or system is established to avoid failure, which is based on the historical data collected and cost models. Of course, such a strategy is not suitable for accidental failures, but only for those due to wear.

In order to plan maintenance intervention in an economical and efficient way, the ability to collect health data of the plant following the various inspections and the ability to predict the remaining life is essential. Only by doing this is possible an effective maintenance policy.

Often these strategies are considered as maintenance cost reduction policies as their main objective is to avoid failure and minimize the impact on plant performance.

In recent years, many companies have understood the importance of investing in the acquisition of weak signals from systems, such as the current absorbed, the temperatures of the components, the variation in energy consumption and vibrations. All of this can be managed  thanks to the advent of technologies such as low cost sensors and cloud computing. This is how we arrived at the new predictive maintenance policies.

Predictive maintenance: data collection and the right balance between predictive policies

For many years Predictive maintenance has been discussed and practiced. But it is thanks to  increasingly high data collection capacity that predictive maintenance has been fully exploited.

What is the best way to generate profit? The first step is to proceed with a cost-benefit analysis. Without a doubt, corrective maintenance involves very low investments, but it can lead to very high costs for downtime or repair. In addition, there can be unpleasant cost consequences even for not predicting when the failure will occur.

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, could lead to the inconvenience of a risky presumption of safety. Furthermore, this policy does not correspond only with artificial intelligence applied to maintenance. In fact, there are field predictive techniques and data-driven techniques.

controllo del mezzo

Both are excellent strategies to promptly identify a malfunction, however, field predictive techniques are more effective in detecting mechanical defects. In addition, field techniques are less tied to historical data than predictive ones.

Therefore, the post-Covid scenario brings maintenance to the top of priorities.

Whether it is corrective maintenance, predictive field maintenance or data-driven techniques in the directories’ agendas, maintenance is at the first place, now fundamental and essential.

The advantages and disadvantages of each of these strategies are now clear, just as it is increasingly clear that it is not a question of choosing one or the other, but a mix of each. Therefore, choosing the right balance between the different policies is the successful maintenance strategy.

Tamarri is always committed to identifying the most suitable and cutting-edge maintenance policy for your forklifts. 😉



Brakes maintenance

freni carrello elevatore

Brake maintenance. Brakes  and all related components represent one of the most importantl systems for the safety of any vehicle. What is their function and how to comply with adequate maintenance?


Brake maintenance. How do the brakes work and how is adequate maintenance complied with?

Brakes and attachments are fundamental components for moving vehicles. Their main aim is to convert the physical pressure exerted by the user on the brake pedal.

One of the fundamental components of the brake “system” is the master cylinder. It is easy to understand how much the quality of the brake pump is of primary importance to guarantee the best performance of the vehicle. The material with which a brake master cylinder is produced must be resistant to wear,  must be safe and must guarantee very high standard levels.

In this regard, the use of cast iron and steel ensure the seal of the component over time. Aluminium could also be used, which make brake pumps lighter, but still resistant and able to guarantee the same performance.

Brake maintenance. How is security maintained

Tamarri S.r.l has always been involved in forklift safety. More and more frequently there are reports of accidents at work due to poor and “distracted” maintenance. Too often we are informed of accidents because maintenance has not been expected  by competent and specialized personnel.

manutenzione del carrello elevatore

Regarding this, it is essential to do a regular and accurate monitoring the operation of the vehicle. A detailed analysis follows and the subsequent replacement of the worn part with the new one. To ensure that the analysis is always timely, many companies have already specialized in predictive analysis of the medium.

In the field of safety, why are the brake pumps of a forklift truck a fundamental element?

The brake pumps are very important, not only for the performance of the vehicle, but above all to safely manage the various activities.

Anyone who has had anything to do with forklifts will have noticed that. As time passes, there is less and less precise braking of the forklift. This is due to the loss of tightness of the internal rubber pads.

But why do the rubbers tend to decrease their hold? In several years, it is normal for the rubber pads to undergo normal wear. Furthermore, their duration is closely linked to the operator’s driving style.

For example, the habit of abruptly braking or the tendency to keep the foot lightly resting on the brake pedal, are all attitudes that represent a threat to the life of the rubber pads. If the grommets are worn out by some bad practice, the pump itself will also suffer the consequences.

Brake maintenance. What are the alarm bells for noticing brake wear?

It is not difficult to notice that the brakes are starting to wear out. Just keep an eye and monitor the vehicle often in order to check it. The punctuality of the forklift braking takes place in a decidedly less efficient way.


When the problem gets worse, you will notice that the brake pedal goes down empty. At this point the situation is worrying and the forklift is no longer safe: all that can be done is to stop it and ask for help from technical assistance.

How can the problem be solved?

It is essential not to underestimate the signs of malfunction and to know how to promptly remedy this malfunction. To prevent an inconvenience from turning into a serious risk for the operator and pedestrians, it is essential to resort to a specialized technician.

If the technician deems it necessary to replace the brake master cylinder, he will intervene directly at the customer’s site. In fact, the sealing rubbers are not easily replaceable by anyone because they are located within the single central block. Therefore it is an operation that requires about 2 or 3 hours of specialized work of a competent technician.

Forklift maintenance: a commitment to safety

Monitoring the operation of the forklift means making a daily commitment to ensure safety at work.

If you are looking for spare parts for the entire braking system, made to ensure resistance over time, excellent quality and delivered in a very short time (24/48 hours), Tamarri S.r.l is the company for you!

eliminare il rischio

We have the best products on the market: safe, tested and CE marked, to guarantee our customers the highest quality standard in the industry. 🙂

Smart security systems by Tamarri S.r.l

Tamarri S.r.l. security systems for forklifts. Some of them directly made in Tamarri, some form the sector market: reliability, prescision and strictness.

Security systems: safety and reliability. Always been a vocation for Tamarri S.r.l.

Tamarri S.r.l. has always taken in great consideration forklift safety. Each accessory for on-board safety is chosen with meticulous attention to the smallest details, in order to be the best on the market.

We all know how essential it is that every activity in the warehouse or on the building site takes place in total safety.

In this sector, more than ever, the quality of spare parts is essential to guarantee the safety standards regulated by legislation as well as by common sense

Security systems: what are the main categories of on-board security accessories?

Let’s analyze them together in this article. They are called “accessories”, but they are certainly not of secondary importance. Rather, they are essential elements to complete the functionality and ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Tamarri S.r.l. has always been aware that hi-tech safety is a priority in the forklift and earthmoving machinery sector. For this reason it has dedicated time and attention to several safety systems.

To clarify the all the categories, we have developed a specific website that lists and describes all the security systems provided by Tamarri S.r.l.

Thanks to the wide selection of on-board safety accessories for forklifts and automatic machines, Tamarri S.r.l. is able to guarantee the widest coverage on the market. Bumpers, camera systems, emergency buttons, rear-view mirrors and seat belts.

Security systems. Bumpers, parking sensors, emergency buttons, rear-view mirrors and seat belts: strictness and high performance.

The bumpers of Tamarri S.r.l are resistant to aging and perfectly visible. Available in various sizes, they find countless uses. They are applied to the most varied surfaces through practical fixing holes already prepared at the origin or by means of powerful and comfortable magnets.

The camera systems are designed to increase the manouvering performance and safety of forklifts and industrial vehicles. An easy maneuvering in the trolleys and speed, in fact, make these devices essential to complete and optimize safety in the workplace.

The emergency buttons are among the most important devices to be installed on a forklift or a handling vehicle. Tamarri S.r.l. provides emergency buttons for different needs and functions in the operation intended to stop the vehicle to make it safe. It can provide multiple types of buttons.

Depending on the model of the vehicle on which it will be installed, the voltage, amperage and application. It is also able to provide the right product for each specific need.

High quality products for the widest coverage of the industrial vehicle fleet, and chosen from those that meet the highest quality standards required by the major vehicle manufacturers in the world, the rear-view mirrors are delivered in safe packaging so as to protect the contents until delivery.
High visibility, resistance and ease of use are the strength

STS Anti-collision system by Tamarri

The anti-collision system is a platform that aims to improve the safety of the logistics sector on handling vehicles, from the warehouse to the construction site.

STS Anti-collision system allows the recognition of the driver, the location of a pedestrian or other moving vehicle near the forklift and the slowing of vehicles within specific areas.


It represents an excellent aid to the safety systems already adopted. Moreover, it allows you to record all events (management, driving performance, danger, collision), which will be converted in alerts that can be easily consulted through mobile devices and internet browsers.

GTS Geolocation system

On the site there is also a page dedicated to GTS Geolocation system. With the innovative GPS system it is possible to identify, control and monitor the entire fleet of handling vehicles in real time in a convenient and safe way, through a cloud platform.

Designed for the monitoring of rental vehicles, it finds excellent approval with companies wishing to monitor a large fleet of owned vehicles, located geographically.

These are just some of the products of the safety line. To find out about the full range, visit our dedicated website.

Tamarri S.r.l., your safe and reliable point of reference!😉

Customer experience

industria manifatturiera

Customer experience: The restart oft he manufacturing sector through customer experience.

Customer experience: trends in the manufacturing industry

The report written in collaboration with IDC called “The Relevance of Customer Centricity in Manufacturing” analyzes and highlights current trends in the manufacturing industry.
According to this report approved by many industry experts, within two years three out of four manufacturers wiil have opted for a unification of product data and production processes, everything in a single digital platform.
In this platform customer experience will have a leading role in the recovery of the manufacturing industry.

The manufacturing industry is a large and complex world that includes several sectors including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles, footwear, printing, electronics, recycling plant…and the list does not end here.
All these sectors empower different companies that share a single goal: to find new ways of iinteraction with their customers, to ensure coherent experiences and points of contact in all processes.

When it comes to interaction and processes, technology plays a leading role. A technology that puts the customer at the center of the product life cycle, from general management to the customer service.

The report mentioned before has identified five key areas to be taken into consideration in the next years, based on the experiences of operators and professionals in the sector.

The main areas in the manufacturing industry: five key elements to restart.

Custom strategies: to add value

By 2021, 30% of Global 2000 companies will choose innovative customer experience actions to add value to the segment, profile and individual customer. In particular this will happen thanks to the imolementation of artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

We will face an “intelligent” production. This will not only allow the different manufacturing sectors to manage their activities more efficiently, but will also allow more efficient relationships and interactions with customers, thanks to a more effective use of all stages of the process: from acquisition, to renewal, loyalty, up to the generation of value both for the company and for the customer himself.

The role of Artificial intelligence and machine learning

It is estimated that Global 2000 producers will generate new business models and income streams, precisely through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This new trend will bring the respective partners an added value of 15% by this year. New and important business opportunities are expected for the coming year, again to be attributed to artificial intelligence.

Online platform: to improve investements

It is expected that by 2020 60% of manufacturers in the manufacturing sector will rely on digital platforms to improve their investments.

Unified systems to improve the experience

75% of Global 2000 manufacturers in the manufacturing sector will use digital platforms to unify product data and production processes, which are fundamental in the customer-centred role.

This type of platform will be integrated with other solutions to provide immediate customer experiences by synchronizing data in real time between internal systems and external ecosystems.

Customer journey: innovation and change

Taking into account that by 2022 the supply of integrated, personalized and digitally connected multimedia elements will be enhanced . In colcusion, in an historical moment like this one, technology has proved to be the best solution to guarantee innovation and transformation of the market needs.

It will not be easy to achieve this and the sector will have to overcome several challenges including the transformation of manual processes or the diversification of sales channels.

Tamarri S.r.l loves challenges and is with you throughtout new departures!

UE Industry days


UE Industry days. On the 23rd February Ursula Von der Leyen started the UE industry days: an important event, always very awaited, this year more than usual.

industria digitale

UE Industry days: Ursula Von Der Leyen officially opens the conference

On 23 February, Ursula Von der Leyen opened the conference on EU Industry Days. This is the fourth edition of the Union’s largest industry event held every year.

After a welcome speech by the Commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, Ursula Von der Leyen officially opened the online conference.

There were also the president of the European Parliament, Davide Sassoli, the executive vice-presidents, the commissioners, leaders and personalities of reference in the EU industry

UE Industry days: Green and digital the new topics

Let’s analyze the agenda on the whole, and the main issues addressed. We are in a very complex historical, political and economic context that has also closely involved and transformed the entire social sphere. There is no sector that has not been involved and upset by the pandemic that has marked 2020.

In particular this context declined in particular on industrial ecosystems, will be placed on the table of the conference to be held in these days.

The emphasis will be placed on the transformation of European industry according to a greener and more digital perspective, and included in an evolving global situation. In particular, competitiveness will be measured on these aspect.

UE Industry days: new challenges and opportunities discussed by the UE Industry protagonists.

Since 2017, when the EU Industry Days began, this conference has represented the main platform of the European Union to foster communication, dialogue and discussion between the protagonists of industry world.

It is precisely here that  challenges and opportunities for the world of industry have been opened

It is precisely here that  challenges and opportunities for the world of industry have been opened

In this crucial year, not only for the secondary sector but for the entire economic and social ecosystem, the interventions are facing the audacious challenge of relaunching the industrial forum for clean energy. A theme that  cannot be postponed, but must have a central role on the discussion table.

For this reason, a new hackathon has been planned. This type of event enables to start innovative projects, which are able to develop ideas that have never been considered before and make fundamental contacts. The key objective is to restart in a more “healthy” way, successfully addressing the most urgent challenges in the field of intelligent health within the EU.

The European dialogue platform, which has been created in these 4 years, will also be improved and updated in relation to the latest events. A new and even more fruitful collaboration between partners who will come together in clusters, focused on a transformation towards digital and green, proactive towards economic recovery.

energia pulita

We are confident that at the end of the EU Industry Days, new solutions and constructive perspectives will be identified for European industry.

We will take care of resuming and updating the topic in a future article. 🙂