The brake pump: the heart of the braking system

How important is the brake pump? The brake pump is the most important component of the hydraulic circuit of a forklift truck, since it transforms the effort that is put on the pedal into pressure which is transmitted to the front and rear brakes. In addition to being an indispensable safety device that must be absolutely reliable and have uncompromising quality requirements, the brake pump is subject to significant strain both from a mechanical point of view and from that of the pressure put on it and, therefore, must guarantee an excellent seal.

Brake master cylinder and rubber pads. The brake pumps of a forklift are an element of primary importance not only for their work performance but above all for the safe management of all operations: from the “cruising” movement to the loading and unloading activities.

Over time it is possible to notice that the braking of the forklift becomes less efficient, due above all to the leakage of the inner rubber pads: in addition to the normal wear and tear that normally occurs after several years of use at full capacity, this type of problem is related to the way in which the operator drives. In particular, abrupt braking (often due to heavy time pressure) and the tendency to keep the foot lightly on the brake pedal, can significantly reduce the life of the rubbers and, consequently, of the brake pump.

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Therefore, in the event of wear on the inner rubber pads, the braking speed of the forklift is reduced. When the problem becomes more serious, the brake pedal goes down loosely and the forklift is no longer safe, so it is essential to stop using it and resort to certified technical assistance within a few hours.

How to notice a brake pump defect?

During long braking we can notice that the pedal will go down more and more and the pressure that we are going to exert on it will never be enough to block the forklift. This defect, which is far from negligible, is caused by the failure of the rubber gaskets inside the brake pump and must be replaced right away. This means it is ESSENTIAL to replace the component immediately.

pompa frenoOver time it is possible that the oil will start leaking from the rear piston, a defect that is difficult to identify if the forklift is not regularly maintained, given that the brake pump is positioned on the brake booster and, therefore, the oil could fall inside without leaving external traces.

It is essential to pay the utmost attention when replacing the brake system components and it is advisable to have it carried out only by specialized personnel and authorized workshops. The entire plant also needs careful and precise cleaning (air and oil purging).

What we offer

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