A difficult year: creativity and vision to restart

 A difficult year: the count-down begins for what most likely will go down in history as one of the most difficult years of the post-war period. But how did we face it and what was the moral balance?

progettare il futuroA difficult year is going to end: space to the new one!

In several years of life, it happens to face better years and worse years. It is a reality as old as the world. Giacomo Leopardi already spoke about it in the “Dialogue between an almanac viewer and a passenger”.

In this famous dialogue of the “Operette morali”, a gentleman is at the end of the year asks a calendar from an almanac seller he meets on the street. The hope is that the next year will be better than the past one. The result is a very intense dialogue that insists on man’s illusion of placing his aspirations for happiness in the future.

In fact, we all find ourselves in this situation every year: if we always hope that the new year will be more peaceful than the previous one, it means that it wasn’t a good one. Always with the new year we want to reset the previous one and all its difficulties, to restart stronger than before with the inevitable good intentions! 😊

A difficult year is going to end: “a strange difficult year”

Certainly what is about to end has been a troublesome year. But it is not the first time that we happen to face one. And so it was also for our professional activities. It is normal to take stock (and not just purely economic) and to realize  not having spent an exciting year after the long  life of an activity,. It happens in a human’s life, as in that of a company.

These are those years that are remembered, which remain well etched in the memory. The peculiarity of this year in its gravity is given, not so much by the totally unexpected typology, at least by us mere mortals: in fact, almost all dramatic events arrive suddenly. The particularity consists, rather, in the totality of involvement. We were all really involved. Although to different degrees, more or less directly, in every place on earth, humanity has had to deal with what, in a few days, from an epidemic has turned into a pandemic.

This means that all economic activities have also been involved, few have benefited from it, many have been overwhelmed, most have suffered more than simple consequences.

A difficult year is about to end: like in the triathlon …

A 360 ° difficult year, both from a human and personal point of view, and in terms of the economic aspect. The latter represented a good percentage of the level of concern for ourselves and our families.

Employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs, all feared that things would have been different, that they would get drastically worse. Firstly, everyone feared for their life, and then, in relation to their position, of losing their job, their profession, their company. Many did not make it and the price to pay (even beyond metaphor) was very high, in some cases unsustainable.

As in triathlon, when you start running you feel fatigue in the legs of swimming and cycling, we too in this race for survival we felt tired and at times exhausted from previous “performances”. Because everything happened without interruption, without the chance to recovering.

A wish for the future

Tamarri S.r.lis trying to trying to keep high hope even in the most difficult moments. In the periods of forced stop we have been close to you, always ensuring punctuality and quality.

We have tried to be there with our advice and also to keep you update with the constant changes taking place. We have certainly grown a lot together, because fatigue and pain wear out, but they teach a lot.

But now it’s time to think about a future in which we will defeat the virus, at least in its most pernicious form. A near future in which our lives will not be as before, but better than before. As always after every “catastrophe”, a strong desire arises to be reborn, to grow, to do everything that we did not dare to do before. Perhaps we will have learned to live the present and to appreciate every moment and every person  next to us.

Just wait for the daily bulletin of victims, failures, the crisis! It is time to leave and to do so it will be necessary to have a renewed sense of life and, on a professional level, a new vision. Whatever activity we do, we try to season it with creativity and courage, the same ones that perhaps helped us to face the lock-down.

We say goodbye to the old year, we face what will come with new proposals and new “construction sites” for ever more constructive projects.

Imagine your future and do it big, with a smile on your face. Tamarri S.r.l. he is already doing it and wishes you a peaceful and joyful Christmas!