The main requirements that make the difference in choosing the best supplier of accessories for forklift trucks.

Maintenance is of fundamental importance for any vehicle; forklift trucks are of no exception, as they must maintain the requirements of reliability to be partners on which you can always count on in the warehouse as well as on the construction site.

Replacing some parts of the vehicle, because they are worn out or because they have arrived at the end of their life cycle, with perfectly intact spare parts, new or used guaranteed, is an appreciable practice as well as a duty as it means keeping the vehicle efficient and guaranteeing high operating standards with an eye to economising without the unnecessary cost of the purchase of a new forklift truck.

Of course, primary attention must be the focus on safety, which should not be economised on, but very often a replacement with quality spare parts is sufficient enough, while the replacement of the entire vehicle is something completely unnecessary.

Providing for this delicate operation to replace the worn piece, it is necessary to rely on a spare parts supplier who only supplies products of safe and guaranteed quality that can restore integral life to the forklift truck.

But what are the aspects to watch out for when it comes to choosing your trusted supplier?

Let’s take a look at them together.


It must provide original spare parts

To avoid unpleasant surprises and for the forklift truck to work properly, original spare parts must be used. Imitation pieces are certainly cheaper and, therefore, often more attractive, but safety, functionality, efficiency and durability are guaranteed only with original spare parts.

It is therefore essential that a trusted supplier is able to offer original parts, which means purchased directly from the manufacturer.

It must be fast with deliveries

Not having idle times is essential for a successful company. Prolonged waiting or delivery delays can cause wastage and excess costs. Therefore, the supplier must be rapid in delivering spare parts.

It must have a warehouse stocked up to always guarantee the supply

Always having the required spare parts in a large and replenished warehouse is a fundamental requirement for a good supplier. This is so as not to force the customer to slow down his workflow while waiting for the piece that is currently unavailable, just when he needs it.

It must be able to supply spare parts of guaranteed quality

We have written that a serious supplier must offer original spare parts. We add that it is still required to always check that there is no damage or defects despite having been purchased directly by the manufacturer.

In short, the choice of the supplier of spare parts for forklift trucks is particularly delicate as it risks, if not supported by the right conditions, to compromise fundamental aspects such as safety, first of all, but also efficiency and functionality.