Digital in the time of the coronavirus: a need, an opportunity

Digital and smart working: from school to business, in the time of the coronavirus, everyone but absolutely everyone, has understood that digital is an essential requirement.

Digital in the time of the coronavirus: a need, an opportunity

Digital and smart working: from school to business, in the time of the coronavirus, everyone but absolutely everyone, has understood that digital is an essential requirement.

Digital and the Covid 19 emergency: an opportunity

In this article we feel obliged to take stock of the situation on an aspect that has suddenly become more urgent than it was previously. The level of digitization reached during this emergency.

For two months now we have been part of a situation that, when it does not prevent, hinders normal professional relationships and communication habits. Even the simplest, those that had become used regularly on a daily basis.

And now, two months later, where are we? Why? Towards what horizons are we heading? Let’s have a look together to see what kind of path we have taken.

The emergency that we have faced in recent months has brought with it a real, single opportunity. Many of us have been “forced”, out of the blue, to use digital in all its forms. In a few months we have implemented that revolution which, perhaps, we should have already undertaken much more gradually, a long time ago.

But it is not a time for recriminations or regrets. It is time to roll up our sleeves and take advantage of this dramatic situation to ride the wave of new technology. Because nothing will be as before.

But let’s try to analyse what is happening and what will remain when we have left this unpleasant experience behind us.

Digital between technologies, platforms … what’s going on and how? A new and adventurous journey

From digital professionals emerges the picture of a request never experienced before, in terms of size. Platforms, apps, in short, new technologies to make the education sector digital from universities to schools, businesses and municipalities.

Thanks to the incessant work of the technicians, new apps and platforms have been created, or enhanced and modified. The objective? To enable each device for teleconferences and always much more quickly and more pervasively through software or cloud.

Cisco, just to give an illustrious example, thanks to the large number of partners it can refer to, is committed to supporting anyone. From school to business, anyone who wants to digitize or make digitization more effective than ever.

Digital education: a new goal to strive for

Since 24th February everything has changed in the world of education, perhaps more than in any other sector. Until then, the detractors of digital education were still many, both among teachers and parents. Suddenly, however, this environment also turned out to be more technological and, at best, more apt to technologies than was thought.

It is clear that few parents who, if they could, would leave their child to attend their teachers’ distance lessons for several hours. Of course, the classroom environment is irreplaceable especially in certain age groups, in any case at least until university studies.

Clearly in the field of education, and not only, the human factor is decisive. The cognitive and relational growth of children and young people necessarily pass through the physical relationship with the classroom environment with all its players and in all its forms. However, not being able to fully benefit from it in an emergency contingency such as the one we are experiencing, digital distance education is the only possible alternative to follow.

At this moment, the reasoning on digital training has finally involved also primary and secondary schools which, with some delay and not without difficulty, will have to adapt to this change. And actively, as it seems.

Digital and technological commitment to millions of students

In this regard Cisco, together with Google, IBM, Tim and WeSchool, successfully responded to the call from the Ministry of Education, taking care of the #La ScuolaContinua project. Their commitment is aimed at averting and avoiding the threat of the interruption of education for millions of children.

The school year will also be safe thanks to the technology that these five companies have realised. A technology that allows teachers engaged in the field to convey their lessons and deepen their commitment to students. We would like to remind you that the project was conceived by Ilaria Capua which, therefore, we also see active on this front, as well as on the scientific one.

Still on this issue, the Emilia Romagna Region, in agreement with the regional school office and with Lepida Scpa (for the management of broadband and connectivity services of public administrations), provides free services for the Webex Meeting platform.

Towards the digital revolution

What became clear from the start is that it is no longer just about learning to “use an instrument”. We are facing a new revolution and for this a new digital awareness is fundamental. Structured training regardless of the ongoing digitization process.

To do this it is necessary to start with a training example starting from the traditional “scheme”. Simply with someone who explains and someone else who listens and learns.

Michele Dalmazzoni, Cisco’s collaboration & industry digitization leader Emear, says: “We are witnessing the mass discovery, from grandmothers to grandchildren, of the potential of digital”. What the most advanced technologically environments have been implementing for a long time, is also shared daily by realities that, up until now, had had a more traditional approach to communication.

Always the one who is managing the powerful request for connectivity for Cisco, brings as an example of this digitalization process, cooking schools with the chef in one country and the connected classes in another continent. Or high fashion companies with video catwalks and virtual settings. And again, live video consultations of doctors or bank staff, up to the trials in courtrooms with related witnesses.

A profound experience to arrive at hybrid environments

An emergency situation such as this, which the world has been experiencing for a few months has allowed everyone to understand the need to reach new digitalization standards and, to professionals in the sector, to develop a profound experience.

Their prediction is that of new paradigms related to the digitization process, oriented towards hybrid models between physical and virtual environment. New systems, Michele Dalmazzoni always suggests, that “they go to digitize physical spaces”.

Thinking a little more macro, let’s consider the system aspects. According to the latest analysis on the level of communications and professional activities, of individuals and businesses, new aspects are emerging on digital. Especially as regards to the smart working methods, it can certainly allow to obtain much more effective results with less “effort” in terms of costs, displacements and environmental pollution.

Tamarri Spa is in the revolution

Thanks to new technologies and new digital paradigms, Tamarri Spa has been testing the most advanced technologies for some time to reach increasingly advanced digital paradigms. To find out more, we remind you of our article on the next possible scenarios.

Tamarri Spa is in the revolution!