AUTOMATION FOR WAREHOUSES: When it is convenient to do so and what are the main applications

Planning the organisation of a warehouse is a fundamental aspect and should not be underestimated. Does automation optimise management? Let’s have a look together.

There is a widespread belief that a systematic and rational organisation of a warehouse is not that important. Quite superficially, it is thought that warehouse management does not have anything to do with an increase in technology and sophistication standards.

Of course, that is far from reality…

This simplistic attitude overlooks all the consequences, even important ones, that could arise within a company. The organisation of the warehouse is, on the contrary, a key aspect for every company, however large or small, as well as its management.

For a competitive company

If we want to commit ourselves to increasing the competitiveness of our company on the market, we need to start precisely from this aspect, an optimal organisation of the warehouse.

Among the warehouse management criteria, the one dedicated to automation is undoubtedly to be considered among the most effective performance principles.

But like any serious and structured process, it is necessary to plan it very carefully. To proceed in a strategic and structured way, a detailed analysis of the company’s needs is required. Starting with the warehouse to arrive at the staff whilst passing through the machinery and equipment.


Of course, the second step, which is no less important, is the evaluation of the budget. Yes, because the choice of the automated system sometimes requires significant investment, and the so-called ROI could take a considerable amount of time to be recovered.

In conclusion, it is essential to take into account that automation is applied both to storage machines, to AGV and LGV forklifts right up to stacker cranes, in short, to the whole logistical management.

Why choose automated systems?

Faster and more flexible, an automated system allows you to optimise space management and a more precise and punctual fulfilment of requests. For these reasons, an automated system offers concrete advantages for all those who want a well-coordinated and orderly warehouse according to the best engineering logic of the goods.

In the long run, generally 3 years, the reduction of some costs is evident, such as that of the workers used for handling the goods.

Faster and more precise in all operations, from loading to picking, an automatic system allows complete interaction with the company’s internal management systems, allowing the whole supply chain to optimise processes, both in the development field (think of the Industry 4.0 paradigm), and in the safety field, thanks to the use of ad hoc instrumentation such as our STS Control system platform.

What if we aren’t ready for the more technological choice?

A technological choice is not the only feasible solution for an initial organisational and optimal “restructuring” of a warehouse.

For example, choosing the right partner, that is reliable and punctual can be a choice that, especially at the beginning of a business, can allow the company to contain costs and can check stocks precisely through B2B platforms such as that offered by our portal.

Here is why choosing a supplier who knows how to manage his products and stocks is essential for your business! Choose Tamarri SPA.