Smart security systems by Tamarri S.r.l

Tamarri S.r.l. security systems for forklifts. Some of them directly made in Tamarri, some form the sector market: reliability, prescision and strictness.

Security systems: safety and reliability. Always been a vocation for Tamarri S.r.l.

Tamarri S.r.l. has always taken in great consideration forklift safety. Each accessory for on-board safety is chosen with meticulous attention to the smallest details, in order to be the best on the market.

We all know how essential it is that every activity in the warehouse or on the building site takes place in total safety.

In this sector, more than ever, the quality of spare parts is essential to guarantee the safety standards regulated by legislation as well as by common sense

Security systems: what are the main categories of on-board security accessories?

Let’s analyze them together in this article. They are called “accessories”, but they are certainly not of secondary importance. Rather, they are essential elements to complete the functionality and ensure the safety of the vehicle.

Tamarri S.r.l. has always been aware that hi-tech safety is a priority in the forklift and earthmoving machinery sector. For this reason it has dedicated time and attention to several safety systems.

To clarify the all the categories, we have developed a specific website that lists and describes all the security systems provided by Tamarri S.r.l.

Thanks to the wide selection of on-board safety accessories for forklifts and automatic machines, Tamarri S.r.l. is able to guarantee the widest coverage on the market. Bumpers, camera systems, emergency buttons, rear-view mirrors and seat belts.

Security systems. Bumpers, parking sensors, emergency buttons, rear-view mirrors and seat belts: strictness and high performance.

The bumpers of Tamarri S.r.l are resistant to aging and perfectly visible. Available in various sizes, they find countless uses. They are applied to the most varied surfaces through practical fixing holes already prepared at the origin or by means of powerful and comfortable magnets.

The camera systems are designed to increase the manouvering performance and safety of forklifts and industrial vehicles. An easy maneuvering in the trolleys and speed, in fact, make these devices essential to complete and optimize safety in the workplace.

The emergency buttons are among the most important devices to be installed on a forklift or a handling vehicle. Tamarri S.r.l. provides emergency buttons for different needs and functions in the operation intended to stop the vehicle to make it safe. It can provide multiple types of buttons.

Depending on the model of the vehicle on which it will be installed, the voltage, amperage and application. It is also able to provide the right product for each specific need.

High quality products for the widest coverage of the industrial vehicle fleet, and chosen from those that meet the highest quality standards required by the major vehicle manufacturers in the world, the rear-view mirrors are delivered in safe packaging so as to protect the contents until delivery.
High visibility, resistance and ease of use are the strength

STS Anti-collision system by Tamarri

The anti-collision system is a platform that aims to improve the safety of the logistics sector on handling vehicles, from the warehouse to the construction site.

STS Anti-collision system allows the recognition of the driver, the location of a pedestrian or other moving vehicle near the forklift and the slowing of vehicles within specific areas.


It represents an excellent aid to the safety systems already adopted. Moreover, it allows you to record all events (management, driving performance, danger, collision), which will be converted in alerts that can be easily consulted through mobile devices and internet browsers.

GTS Geolocation system

On the site there is also a page dedicated to GTS Geolocation system. With the innovative GPS system it is possible to identify, control and monitor the entire fleet of handling vehicles in real time in a convenient and safe way, through a cloud platform.

Designed for the monitoring of rental vehicles, it finds excellent approval with companies wishing to monitor a large fleet of owned vehicles, located geographically.

These are just some of the products of the safety line. To find out about the full range, visit our dedicated website.

Tamarri S.r.l., your safe and reliable point of reference!😉